Nitecore New i2 Dual Battery Charger

Nitecore New i2 Dual Battery Charger

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The New i2 battery charger by Nitecore has wide range of compatibility and is capable of charging two battery cells simultaneously.
Upgraded from its previous version, the New i2 comes with five new features:
100% Charging Acceleration | Active current Distribution Technology | IMR Battery Restoration

Expanded Compatibility to Support 3.7V and 4.35V Batteries | Automatic Current Selection Based on Battery Capacity

Compatible with:
10340 | 10350 | 10440 | 10500
12340 | 12500 | 12650 | 13450
13500 | 13650 | 14430 | 14500
14650 | 16500 | 16340 | 16650
17500 | 17650 | 17670 | 18350
18490 | 18500 | 18650 | 22500
22650 | 25500 | 26500 | 26650
Flat-topped batteries: 18700 | 20700 | 21700
AA | AAA | AAAA | C | D

Revolutionary upgrade. Five new features.

100% Charging Acceleration

the New i2 can charge at up to 1000 mA current in one slot.

500 mA Max output on the old version. New version has up to 1000 mA max output.

Active Current Distribution

The ACD technology allows for a dynamic distribution of the New i2's charging power. If one of the two batteries is fully charged, then the smart technology will apply the fastest speed to the other slot.

If one battery is fully charged, then the other battery will be charged.

Expanded Compatibility

The New i2 is compatible with 1.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V and 4.35V batteries. Using the "V" button, you can easily set the charging voltage in each slot, independently.

Use the V button to set the slot dependent charging voltage

IMR Battery Restoration

By pressing and holding both the "C" and the "V" button, you can enable IMR battery restoration to restore a 0V depleted IMR battery.

Press and hold both 'C' and 'V' to enable IMR battery restoration.

Fast Charging and Current Distribution

For larger capacity batteries like 18650 and 26650 LI-ion batteries, press and hold the "C" button to activate 1000 mA fast charging. The New i2 can intelligently select the most appropriate charging current based on automatic battery capacity detection.

For larger batteries, press and hold 'C' to activate 1000 mA fast charging.

IMR Battery Charging Optimisation

With extremely low internal resistance, IMR batteries may be overcharged and lead to safety issues. The New i2 incorporates an optimised IMR charging system that is able to monitor the entire charging process, ensuring the end voltage is always within safe limits.

IMR charging system monitors charging and ensures the end voltage is always safe.

Reverse Polarity Protection

When a battery is installed with the polarity reversed, the New i2 will immediately terminate charging and the user will be notified with four flashing LEDs.

Four flashing LEDs will show when polarity is reversed.

Precise Overtime Charging Protection

Each slot has its own independent calculations. When the overall charging time exceeds 20 hours, the New i2 will automatically stop charging and display a fully charged status.

To prevent overheating, the New i2 will stop charging once the overall charging time exceeds 20 hours.

Reliable, Top Quality Materials

Designed with fire retardant, flame resistant PC materials, with enhanced solidity, extended life cycle and strengthened security.

Fire retardant, flame resistant materials.

Wall Adapter and Car Charger

Perfectly compatible with a car charger and a wall adapter, so you're good to charge at home and on the go!

Compatible with a car charger and a wall adapter.


Weight: 126 grams | Dimensions: 132mm x 70mm x 35mm
Output current: (500 mA x 2) or (1000 mA x 1)
Input voltage: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.25A(max) 8W DC 9~12V.

Specifications of the New i2 dual battery charger

Please take a moment to read out battery safety advice