Cotton & Cable - Craft Liquids - Desserts Range 50ml

Cotton & Cable - Craft Liquids - Desserts Range 50ml

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Cotton & Cable are dedicated to flavour 

For more than five years Cotton & Cable have patiently crafted and balanced their flavours to deliver you the ultimate vaping experience, They are not only committed to the highest quality ingredients and production but sensible branding, safe packaging and responsible marketing. Craft liquid, made in England.


Our blends...

The 70% VG blend creates superb vapour but, crucially, delivers exquisite flavour. Unlike higher VG mixes, this craft liquid works perfectly in tanks as well as drippers, with a consistency that makes filling and dripping easier as well as wicking quicker.

Meanwhile 30% PG gives the perfect satisfying throat hit while carrying the incredibly complex balance of flavours. At Cotton & Cable they use the finest pharmaceutical grade VG and PG and the best quality USA and EU flavourings. 

Baked Apple

A scrumptious blend of sweet and juicy apples baked in rich butter perfectly blended with cinnamon and brown sugar.



A decadent blend of cream and butter infused with mint, an exact likeness to the classic Buttermint sweet.

Christmas Cake

A rich complex blend of seasonally spiced cake laced with glazed fruits, orange zest, nuts and brown sugar all covered in a sweet marzipan icing creating a truly special, festive and unique cake vape.


Custard Tart

A thick, crisp pastry base filled with rich and exquisitely creamy vanilla custard enclosed in caramelised brown sugar.


Eton Mess

Sticky broken meringue smashed with whipped cream, laced with fresh raspberries, ripe strawberries and a hint of tart blackberries.

Fruit Fool

An impossibly complex fusion of juicy apples and succulent pears, balanced with ripe bananas and fresh oranges, infused with a medley of summer fruits and folded in rich, thick cream.


Hot Cross Bun

A deliciously moist, spiced bun filled with citrus soaked currants baked with a sweet sugar glaze.


Liquorice Allsorts

Simply irresistible. A wonderful blend of fruit, coconut and liquorice. The perfect recreation of the yellow coconut wheel we all know and love.


Spiced Orange

A sweet and juicy whole orange delicately infused with sugar, cinnamon and ginger and gently baked to create a festive flavour which is deliciously moorish.

Upside Down Cake

The exceptionally juicy and vibrant tropical taste of pineapple soaked through a moist and fluffy cake base.