About Us


After a number of years working for three of the UK's largest e-liquid manufacturers and supplying many of the UK's vape stores I began to realise that many of the so called 'big players' had lost their way, they all end up searching to supply the big corporates and inevitably end up 'just another product' on a supermarket shelf!, product development slows down, innovation slows until it halts and the passion that got them to where they are has gone.


Kwik Vape is all about delivering excellence, working hard to match the right product with the right customer and always ensuring that our customers walk away happy and with a product that works for them.


Whilst we have to stock certain 'big' brands we work hard to offer a world of choice, a liquid to suit every vaper and every budget, we have a number of so called Premium brands (in many cases premium simply means over-priced!) as well as some stunning budget brands (which are actually equally as good as the 'premium' liquids but simply not as greedy!).


And, if you are looking for different or stand-out flavours then you can look at the many new ranges we bring in every month, sourced from award winning manufacturers.


In a nutshell, Kwik Vape is here to put the passion back into vaping and to deliver great service & great value, we always welcome the opportunity to be part of your quit smoking journey and to guide you through the many options available.


Pay us a visit and say hello, support your friendly, local independent Vape Store