Vaping & Covid-19

Vaping and Covid-19 - A few answers to the many questions we all have

Anti-Vaping / Fake news

Anti Vape fake news has been an issue for the industry for several years and Covid-19 has not slowed this, there have been numerous attempts to suggest that Vaping increases the risk of Covid-19 spread.

We at Kwik Vape are not scientists and cannot make any factual claims but have read with great interest a blog from Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos where he not only dismisses the nonsense but highlights the Anti Viral properties of one of the key ingredients used in e-liquids (Propylene Glycol)

To read Dr Farsalinos blog follow this link - BLOG

 Keep it clean!

Covid-19 can live on plastic / glass and metal, keep it clean and use anti-bac wipes on the body and mouthpiece / drip-tip.

We all lead busy lives but Increasing the frequency of cleaning your tanks but now is the time to get back into the habit!, regularly take apart the tank and leave it to soak in freshly boiled water, ensure all components are fully dried before re-assembling.

Regardless of how nice your new liquid is DO NOT share your device with anyone, keep it clean, keep it your own and help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Think of others and keep your clouds to yourself!

Whilst there is no evidence that vaping contributes to the spread of Covid-19 it is important to realise that this is an extremely worrying time for everybody, nobody wants to walk through a vape cloud for the fear of that it could represent exhaled particles.

We vapers do love a big cloud full of flavour but even with the social distancing measures it is not possible to confine a cloud into a small area, now is probably the time to consider carring a more sedate device when vaping in public.

For official advice please view GOV.UK advice published by Public Health England GOV.UK - Covid-19

 Keep it clean, be considerate to the fears of others and stay safe